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This Web page contains a list of organizations who provide products or services for reproductive / infertility professionals, such as IVF clinics. The sections below are:

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Software

The following companies make electronic medical record software, as well as Practice Management Software, for fertility centers.

Financing and Insurance

Internet Promotion

  • IHR (Internet Health Resources)
    We specialize in promoting infertility services on the Internet, as well as building and hosting fertility websites. Operating since 1994, we have over 280 infertility client organizations, including ASRM and numerous university IVF centers.

Laboratory Products and Services

The following companies sell laboratory products and services for semen analysis, sperm testing, fertility testing, cryopreservation, artificial insemination, donor insemination, cell culture media, microscopy, micromanipulation, embryo transfer and incubation, preimplementation genetic diagnosis, blastocyst human serum albumin andrology, immunodiagnostic testing, and IVF culture.


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